dedav does not include the underlying JS libraries out of it's box. You'll need to include them through a bundling mechansim, or as scripts in the page header, depending on your build setup.

Does it support my Scala JS UI framework?

It turns out, that scala JS Dom is simply a facade for the browser API. Dedav works, through providing a reference to a dom div element.

Due to how fundamental the statement above is, we implicitly support all JS UI frameworks. It must be possible to coerce the DIV wrapper of your framework into a scala js dom Div. For the frameworks I have interest myself, there are easier intergrations ...



laminar docs

Imports below - SBT

libraryDependencies += "io.github.quafadas" %% "dedav_laminar" % "0.9.0-RC8"

Ammonite / mill

import $ivy.`io.github.quafadas::dedav_laminar:0.9.0-RC8`


Is how this documentation works. It is recommended to include the vega libs in the page headers, rather than introduce a (complex) bundling solution. The source of this library could provide inspiration :-).

Laika with mdoc

Which are a formiddable documentation team. You may need to also work with Laika docs it's documentation. This seciton is here to remind me to;

  1. disable auto linking (otherwise you'll end up with two sets of imports)
  2. enable raw content
laikaConfig ~= { _.withRawContent },

tlSiteHeliumConfig := {
  // NOTE: Needed for Javasriptin in Laika

The github repo of this documentation is a successful example!


The goal of sharing the same chart between JVM and scala JS :-) has, in my mind been achieved.

The seamless transition between exploration in a repl on the JVM, luxuriating in it's rapid feedback and typsafe tooling, and subsequent publication into a browser with scala JS I have found to be highly productive.

Javascript libraries

The example dependency is set out above. It should work with any bundling solution, or even by directly embedding the dependancies in the header of the html. Your choice.

The burden freedom is left to you to get vega itself in scope. Via a bundler, the simplest package.json depedancies would be;

"dependencies": {
    "vega-embed" : "6.20.8"

Which should bring in it's transitive dependancies. You could also consider going sans-bundler via ESM modules or directly via a script tag in the header of your html - have a look at the source of this page for such an example.

    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>
    <script src=""></script>